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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dramatic Global: Where creativity meets authenticity in the field of modern marketing without the limitation of borders. We are masters of one-of-a-kind ideas who see brands as experiences, not just names. For us, every project is a unique story, which we shape with precise strategy and fresh thinking so that it stands out from the noise.

Create your brand's unique and memorable story with us! 

Fanni Zwichl

Founder and CEO

Since 2016, I have been building my career in the communication industry, completed my internship at a PR agency, and after systematically trying out different areas of the field, I worked as an online marketing manager, social media manager, then as a content marketing manager, which, was followed by three years, while I represented a well-known brand as Head of Marketing. There, I managed continuous B2B and B2C campaigns and created many successful events, while developing the overall brand image. I have in the foreground the creative part of the profession, and I very much take joy in the process, I think if we believe in a brand and base our marketing on it, nothing can limit business development. Super important for me to always keep the psychology side of marketing in mind because I believe that if we thoroughly understand this part, we can achieve outstanding success!

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Our values

We are not afraid to take the extra mile for the best result.
Our mission is to make every project stand out from the crowd.

We work differently. Let us show you how!

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To Create

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