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Social Media Marketing


Strategic Planning

It's getting harder by the minute to be truly unique on social media but with the right strategy NOT impossible! Our team will create a thorough content strategy that fits your professional values and that helps your company achieve its short and long-term goals. With Dramatic your brand will have a significant impact on the target audience. Without a strategy, the whole communication is just noise. The right strategy creates opportunities for a unique brand identity and helps solve professional and business challenges. Our experts won't let your hands go, not even after the project has ended, we won't let any opportunity remain undetected.


Content creation

According to a recent study, 60% of consumers state, they prioritize content and ads with original pictures. Now more than ever, a picture says a 1000 words! In a world, where consumers have right now needs and wants, companies only have seconds to grab their attention and secure their trust. Social content has to be great at quality and relevance, it also has to be enjoyable, relatable, or informative. It not only gives across and strengthens the brand's identity but brings out emotions so the relationship between the consumer and the company deepens and so we can establish a loyal customer community.

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Campaign planning and management

Marketing's goal at the end of the day is always to support sales and never to just waste money on ads. With the right strategy, our experienced team will achieve each goal we set out for your company while minimizing your cost and maximalizing your gain!

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Profile management

The Interaction does not stop with posting content. With quality profile management you position your brand's online presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Additionally, it includes the contact with your customers and online community which, according to research grows not only customer satisfaction but sales too!

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