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Public Relations

Press release writing

The main goal is to create content that serves both your company's and the press's interests. To secure as many articles and posts as possible we must make the press release uniquely interesting and relevant.

Crisis communication

There is no bad venture, just ineffective communication. With the right crisis communication strategy, each problem turns into a simple issue that we can solve smoothly together.

PR communication

PR communication strategy planning and execution. Monitoring of the press and the competition's communication, general B2B and B2C PR communication. Helping your company every step of the way with media appearance generation and media analytics.

Press coordination

Creating the right press contact list for your company is essential, just like informing the media consecutively about the news, current campaigns, and events so this way it will end up generating organic pieces.

Event communication

We take care of your PR or marketing event's pre- and post-communication just as thoroughly as we report and post during the said event! Also, we make sure to hand you a detailed summary of every published post and article created by the press.

PR consulting

Bearing in mind the lead motives of communication, we write copy by using the company's main message and slogans which are essential parts of the communication strategy.

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